Sunday, January 31, 2010

Me and My Friends

One of Friday's assignments for Killer was to draw a picture of himself and his best friend.  

Well, as he readily told me, he has more than one best friend.  

Queenie thought to herself that this sounded alright, so she told him to go ahead and draw a picture of all of other instructions were given.  

After being presented with the finished product, Queenie couldn't help but giggle at several things that she noticed in Killer's drawing of, what he considers to be, his best friends.

1.  Take a gander at those big ol' red ears on F.B.!  (Killer must have heard the doc last week mention his brother's "red ear".....and noticed the medicine that quickly followed)  A 4 year old's idea of an ear infection.  

2. Killer is GIGANTIC and everyone else is tiny.  Hmmmm...a little self-absorbed, perhaps?  

3. There are no girls to be seen, ANYWHERE.  Not his mommy, not Baby Bee, no-one.  

4. At this point Queenie, in her mind, is laughing absolutely uncontrollably at Killer's take on the subject.  Outwardly, though, she commends him- on a job very well done. 

Gotta love kindergarten!  


Alone in Holy Land said...

Interesting picture, indeed...maybe I'll ask Maya to draw a picture of our family to see what she'll come up with...
Queenie, please visit my blog. There is a little something waiting for you there...
My best,

Semper Wifey said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! This post made me laugh! :)