Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Even the Shepherds were pretty.....

Girlie Bee has a thing for chap stick.  As in, needing to apply it ALL the time.  Her favorite one is pink and tastes like strawberries.  She dug it out of a bathroom drawer this morning, and was prancing around putting on her "Mmmmmm"........

Well, after 10 minutes of this, I got nervous (was busy helping Mr. F.B. with his school) and started thinking about strawberry wax and oil on everything.  
So, I asked her to go put it away and then come and play with the Nativity set we have that's just for the kiddos.  

Well........after lunch Killer brought a few of the figurines from the Nativity set over.  They were covered in a bring pink substance.....their faces, that is.  

I said, "Did Girlie get at those with a marker?"  

Killer: " No, this stuff is sticky!!!"  

Me: "Uh Oh...."  

Apparently, Girlie Bee didn't actually put the chap stick away.  She decided to combine the two pastimes- and even made the shepherds pretty. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recent Beeisms.....

Little Girlie Bee: "I need more DOPE!!!" (while taking a bubble bath and requesting more SOAP)

Mr. Fumble Bumble: "THAT is DISGUXING!" (Seeing something, not so out of the ordinary....and it was, shall we say, gross.)

Killer: "I learned about double dibbit distraction." (Telling his Grandpapa what he learned in math for the day- double digit subtraction.)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Bees Go Owling.......

What a surprise- in the middle of a delicious chicken alfredo fettucini dinner.......Thunder, the guard dog in residence, put up quite a fuss for about 30 minutes.  This event is a little out of the ordinary (30 minutes' worth, that is!), so DH went outside to check out the circumstances......lo and behold, a beautiful ENORMOUS owl had made himself quite at home right by our back porch! Mr. Owl didn't even blink (or fly away!) when the little bees ran out to see him and enjoy this wonderful creation.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anyone up for some BBQ?

What better pastime on a sunny September Saturday? Queenie's DH is off workin', but if he was home- this would definitely be on the menu. Enjoy a chuckle or a giggle or two. 

Friday, August 26, 2011



Thunder is actually MUCH bigger than his "First Day with the Bee Family" picture seen here- but growing Thunder pictures will come sometime soon.  Queenie didn't realize she'd neglected putting one of his itty bitty puppy pics up here!  Below, see Baby Bee and Thunder (In our new living room!), a full-blood Great Pyrenees, also known as Pyrenean Mountain Dog.....he is a wonderful guardian dog already!  (Not LGD...."livestock guardian dog"....more like CGD, "Children's Guardian Dog")

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beeisms from Mr. F.B.- as a brand new FOUR year old

On any given day, Mr. FB is known to spout philisophical musings- about which, it is highly probable, NO other human on the planet Earth has ever dreamed about.

"Mommy!  I just figured something out- Spider Man ALWAYS says "I love you....right before he kills the bad guy!" 

 Queenie.  had. no. words.  

ANOTHER SAGA....continues below

The other day, Queenie's DH unfortunately had a bad accident while out on his early (read: still dark) morning run.  He limped home for the last mile, and immediately requested that Queenie pack up the little bees and buzz (quickly!) to the ER.  The waiting room visit for Queenie and the 3 little bees drifted into its second hour......and Mr. FB dutifully broke the monotony by intoning,

"MOMMY!  I know why it's taking so long!  When they take the x-ray, the pictures of Papa's bones...., they have to cut his leg off first so they can fit it into the machine.  That's why we are waiting such a long time!"

Perhaps the glimpse of an elderly amputee sitting at the entrance of the hospital in a wheelchair on our way into the waiting room had a tiny little something to do with his outburst......but he stated it so matter-of-factly, and was not above asking Queenie to please request copies of those pictures. (of the bones) for his (and Killer's) future viewing.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Wandering Part II

As Queenie logged into the "Juice" blog and pushed the "new post" button, she was hit with a sense of gravity and awe at all that has transpired- the blessings and surprises; the hard times and prayers answered- all within the last five, yes five months!

No single blog post alone could possibly encompass everything the Bee family has been doing, but hopefully you dear readers (if you are indeed still buzzing around somewhere out in this big, crazy world) will enjoy these few glimpses into the Bee family since March.

 While DH was away at recruiting training in San Diego, Queenie and the 3 Bees stayed busy and happy at the wonderful home of The Jacobsons, Queenie's family!

 One of the most fun events was a re-enactment of The Battle of the Alamo at the historic site! Baby Bee here with her Grandpapa.....and sporting a Yellow Rose of Texas.

Killer and Mr. F.B. were awed and inspired in the presence of the actual Davy Crockett rifle....

 Back at Wild Rose (the Jacobson's homestead) Baby Bee works on her "happy heart" for a photo shoot with Mommy.

Queenie, her mom, little bro Natey and all 3 little bees took a fun day trip to nearby Lyndon B. Johnson state park.....all the kiddos had so much fun playing in the vast fields that we were too late to really see many animals, but we snatched a "pretend" ride in the wagon!

The Bees were so thrilled to meet their Great-Grandpa Carl when he visited Wild Rose during his birthday.....Queenie and her folks even serenaded him with a birthday ballad for the occasion- Queenie wants it to be publicly known that she is NOT above using a bass-string made from an old WWII water can. She found it quite enjoyable.
The joyful days at Wild Rose eventually came to an end, and the Bee family headed out to San Antonio for more recruiting training for DH....and fun day trips for Queenie and the little bees.

Oh, and BY THE WAY! What a beautiful mini-van DH got for the Japanese "lunchbox" by a mile!  Although, Queenie is sure she appreciates this one more because of the years spent bumping three inches above the road in the green box.  

Classic Car Museum staff is sure persnickety about antique toy cars.  A girl can't help but love this beauty of a ride!  Baby Bee was a bit naughty and tried to sneak a ride....after all, it's a toy!  Queenie was quite embarrassed but could hardly blame the child.

need some Buddy Holly background music here.

hmmmm.......perhaps a ride for another Bee family once upon a time?!

Mr. F.B. and his mommy...... enjoying a dinner out with DH and the fam before the craziness of recruiting sets in...

Exotic Animal Farm- Queenie braved this place by herself with all 3 bees.....Killer was in his proverbial heaven.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bee Family's Wandering Part I

Thoroughly enjoying the hospitality of first the Bee's Abuelitos Bueno, and then their Jacobson grandparents (and 8 year old uncle!), the Bee family is in a wandering state after their enormous exodus out of the land of Japan.  Queenie and her little hive are without a permanent house until at least May, so they are basking the warmth of family they have missed for the past 3 years. 

Baby Bee playing with her Bisabuelita, DH's grandmother (on his mother's side)

'Most everyone from that day except Queenie who was buzzing about the camera....

Baby Bee's Outside View 

Baby Bee had everyone wrapped around her finger when she ooh'd and aah'd over all their pretty lovelies...DH's Tia Socorro even let her try on some beautiful rings!  Baby Bee was thrilled.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bee Family's Exodus Part IV

Baby Bee finally gets her beauty sleep upon arriving at her Abuelitos Bueno's house in El Centro, CA. 

Queenie's new accessory that is worth twice it's weight in gold: The Peapod, a kiddie tent that pops up with no assembly required, and as a zipper so the tot can sleep peacefully anywhere, anytime.  It's fantastic.  Better than a pack'n play, because it folds into a tote that a 5 year old can carry (Queenie knows this fact because Killer has carried it all over America at this point!) After our move, no matter where the Bee Family has traveled, Baby Bee has loved the predictable and secure environment the Peapod gives her!

If two little busy bee boys are shown an empty dirt lot with stacked miscellaneous items (aka trash) that most people would haul away at the soonest possible moment.....what do they do?! 
Make a train, of course! 

This must be a circus train because Queenie saw a caged lion in the middle car! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bee Family Exodus, Part III

After traveling for 20 sleepless hours, the bee family with their Marine Papa landed in Seattle airport...only to be greeted by a 5 hour layover (sleepless the sequel), and a flight to San Diego. 
By the time they arrived at their hotel, all 5 bees had been awake for 30+ hours.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bee Family's Exodus Part II

4 hours at this military terminal.....before our journey even began!  Playing on the endless rows of hard plastic chairs was much more interesting since their little friend Coryn was there, as well
(waiting for the same flight as the bees).

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bee Family's Exodus Part I

Baby Bee is kept busy with lovelies while Queenie prepares for the movers...

Mr. Fumble Bumble and Baby Bee enjoy one last cuddle on the couch before the boxes start flying..... (and thankfully at that time, FB and Baby Bee were safe at loving friends' houses!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

There and Back Again..... A Marine Wife's Holiday

Three years ago, after deciding to relocate to a United States Marine Corps base in Iwakuni, Japan, the Bee family embarked on what would turn out to be an adventure of a lifetime.   

All adventures, regardless of their exciting beginnings, must eventually come to a close.  However, the end of one adventure is merely the beginning of the next, and the Bee family is excited to announce that they are starting their next escapade back in America. 

Queenie, her DH, and the three little bees have been living in America for three weeks now, and the cultural aspects of normal American life are jarring, intriguing, and amazing all at the same time.  Below, dear readers, please enjoy some of the "in-ordinary circumstances" that we have been facing as we re-integrate into the "American Dream".

---Ten minutes after disembarking their final flight (after almost 30 hours of traveling) in San Diego, Queenie attempted to buy the 3 little bees their first meal in America, it was 10PM and the only thing open in the terminal was McDonald's......there was oatmeal on the menu!  She was so excited to finally give her little bees something healthy to put in their tummies before crashing at the "People's House" (what the bees have named hotels).  However, upon paying for the meal at the cashier, Queenie was completely dumbfounded to see a completely new type of credit card machine!  It was the world's longest 5 minutes as she tried time and time again to understand the buttons and slots.  When the cashier condescendingly offered to swipe her card for her, Queenie humbly accepted.  Upon receiving her receipt (which she incorrectly tried to SIGN with a ballpoint pen), she also tried to show them her military attempt which was met by a blank stare from the cashier who responded, " don't need to show that here."  Queenie's yellow stripes turned  a deep orange with embarrassment for almost an hour after that incident!

---Bee family was 100% pedestrian for a day or two following their flights, due to the fact that both cars were sold back in Japan- that, and the fact that even the world's smallest "golf cart with a roof" can't fit on a 757. Walking to breakfast the next morning, they walked past a Target.  Killer started asking "What's a Target, Mommy?"  Queenie replied, "It's a store here in America!  You can buy clothes, and shoes, and food, and laundry soap and stuff."  Killer answered back, "WOW!  Shoes and food in the same store?!?!?!" It was then that Queenie realized they had an audience of about five other Americans walking through the parking lot, staring unabashedly at the family that appeared to have just escaped an electricity-free commune.

---Queenie wondered why in the world she felt "dressed up" walking through Target wearing corduroys, t-shirt, scarf, makeup, and leather boots.  When did corduroys become "dressed up"?

---ONE omelet at IHOP fed all 3 little bees.  Sometimes enormous portion sizes can be a great thing!

---Queenie wondered, at times, why the restaurants were placing the Yen rate right next to the US dollars price.....until she realized it was the calorie count for the item listed!

---The Bee Family doubts they will ever walk in the door of a Burger King again.  (BK was one of the very few  American restaurants available in Iwakuni, Japan....and was overly frequented!)

---The taste of genuine, Amish-made, chunks of bleu cheese from a gourmet booth at HEB grocery store.......priceless and unforgettable.

---The sight and sound of Killer reading every sign he sees in Wal Mart, not just for items, but the sales posters as well: "20% OFF, Buy ONE get ONE HALF OFF, 50% OFF, BIG SALE, NEED NOW, GREAT DEAL, MARKED DOWN, HURRY FAST, multiplied by about 200 times......Killer was VERY thorough."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Name Without Clothes

Riding home from church on Sunday, Killer looked over at Queenie and (very solemnly) asked:

"MOM!  Do I have a naked name?  Because (my brother, FB) has one!  DO I HAVE ONE?"

Queenie (quite taken aback, and a bit sheepish):  Hmmm....a naked name?! 

Killer: YEAH!  A NAKED NAME!  You know, like, Shorty Pants (Mr. FB).

Queenie (quite relieved and trying not to laugh too hard):  OH!  A nickname!  Sure, Killer, you've got a nickname!!!