Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random tidbits and an Award

Many thanks to Ramona, the writer of Alone in the Holy Land- a strong Romanian woman currently living in Israel and raising a beautiful little girl.  She recently gave this humble little blog it's first award!  You, dear reader, cannot see through the computer screen- but Queenie is blushing.  (Is it possible for bees to blush?)

The first part of the award is to blog about 10 things that most people/readers don't know about yourself.... and then pass the award on to 7 other blogs that have influenced or been enjoyed by you.  

So, without further adieu,  

Queenie's top 10: 

1. I always wished that I could draw/paint/be artistic......I suppose the creativity came out in other ways like music and writing, but......I was always secretly jealous of people who could pick up their pencils/paintbrushes and just spew out the most gorgeous portraits. 

2. I'm TRYING to teach myself violin.  I did play when I was younger (as in, 3 years old) but gave it up for piano.  Currently, my project is to get the darn thing tuned.  Of course, I broke a string on my first try, so I am trying to find a day when the 3 bees are healthy, rested, well fed, and happy to venture out into civilization and pick up some new strings at the Yamaha music store.

3. In highschool, I took 2 years of French.  Then graduated and married a man who is 100% Mexican.  How is that for irony?

4. My top 3 favorite books of all time are: "The Holy Bible, NASB ", "Jane Eyre", and "The Fellowship of the Ring" (before it was made into a movie)

5. My top 3 favorite movies of all time are: "Life is Beautiful", "Braveheart", and "The Sound of Music"

6. In the same stream of thought as the above #5......I played the character of Gollum in a musical of "The Hobbit" while I was in highschool.  Yes, I was Gollum- not a beautiful princess, or an Elf, or even an Ent- much to my chagrin.  I hope to the heavens that I am the only one on earth who possesses a video recording of that performance.  Although, I somehow managed to find a husband, so I don't have to worry about that tape coming out any more.  Maybe Andy Serkis should have called me for some pointers....

7.  I really dislike loud music.  Really, really, really.  Pulsating from subwoofers so far that it's heard in an entirely different neighborhood......the person comes across as entitled and rude. Just sayin'....

8. I have a dream to visit all 7 continents of the World before I die......Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, and North America are down....Russia, Africa, and Antarctica are still waiting on the list!  If I could only get DH to stop traveling for work so much, maybe he'd want to come with me!  Now THAT'S a funny thought....don't think that will ever happen.  He travels with the Devil Dogs so often that the last thing he wants is to take our whole kit-n-caboodle of a hive and go to a different continent. Ahhhh....I can still dream.

9. I would really like to try one of those new Kindle readers.  I kicked and fussed and fumed about how they were taking away the beauty of the written word....and now I want to try one.  They won me over.  Have you seen how SLIM they are?  Beautiful- I can see that slipping into my handbag soooooooooo easily.  They're pricey, though, and pricey is not a good thing for our fam.  At any rate....once I got it, with my luck, it would be obsolete within the year.  Too bad- I thought it was a good thing going.....

10.  I am the world's worst dancer.  Okay, it's in print, so now it's official.  Where's Guiness when you need him? 

And now, ladies and gents, I would like to pass on this award- for which I had no idea that my post about it would take me an hour to write- to.....drumroll, please......the following 7 blogs (their order has nothing to do with the amount of love I hold for each of them)

 1. My Favorite Things I didn't choose this site because it takes its name from a song in one of my favorite movies.  I promise.  But, admittedly, the precious girl sporting a frilly white dress, was a key drawing factor...what an adorable logo! Molly and Danyelle just post the funnest, most unique, and brilliant ideas and's way more exciting to read each morning than the news!

2. Girl Talk Wonderful, Biblical insight into life as a Godly woman. Each post full of friendly wisdom and practical application. Friday funnies are always hilarious, too!

3. Manners for Modern Mothers Somewhat cheeky, and sometimes said in a way that Queenie *blush* wouldn't say herself, the ladies at this blog really drive the truth home about being polite and navigating our often rude society with strength and grace. 

4. Christian Military Wives chalk full of smiles, encouragement, and good ideas, the ladies who contribute to this blog really have a heart to reaching other military wives.  I love reading their new posts every single time.

5. Artistic Adventures Ahead Alicia is an old friend from elementary school....we got back in touch through the far-reaching facebook.  She is so extremely gifted and blessed- and uses her talents to glorify God.  I love seeing her new projects!

6. Technology for Mommies Exactly like the name.  New posts cover anything from Wii to strange computer words that you know you like to throw out there, but really have no idea what they mean.

7.The Story Spot (Coffee Break) Very recently up and running, without much posted yet- I have insider info that more is coming soon! Young kids (and young at heart) are going to love story time with Mrs. J and get wonderful insight and information about kids, literacy, and reading to your kids. The fun idea of an online story time is itself worth the award- I look forward to many more posts in the future!


Acting Balanced Mom said...

Congrats on your first award... glad to learn more about you!

Roo and Wren's Mama said...

This was so much fun to read, MB (short for Mama Bee, right? :)) I love it that you specified the Bible translation (nasb is my fav too) - and I am with you 100% on #7. :)

Joseph said...

Hi MB.
I think we still have a VHS of that hobbit somewhere (I know we had at least two copies to start out with). Remember you were all wrapped up in green cellephane tape? Will have to see if I can find any pictures.

aka. The re-occuring carpender bee :)

Queenie The Bee said...


Thank you so much for your encouragement! It's so fun for me to find out that people actually think those things are enjoyable to read.....LOL....I know I enjoy reading everyone else's! :)

I am the one that has the VHS recording. I took it after my wedding along with the other VHS tapes that were mine. ;) Teeheehee....unless you are able to sneak into our apartment and claim it (which would require a VERY expensive ticket overseas), you're out of luck, buddy.

Mel said...

Thank you for the nomination!!
Hugs & Blessings
Melanie from CMW

Joseph said...

weren't there two recordings of that play.....? The search for copy number two has begun.