Monday, January 18, 2010

Wildlife Coloring Pages

Long winter days stuck inside with 3 little bees who are constantly teething, catching something, teething again, and then catching something yet again- Queenie has been required to be thrifty and creative when it comes to keeping them busy.  One of her favorite things to do is print the older two bees out a new coloring page from what she is sure they think is a magical computer/printer, because just about everything can appear from there!

This is an all-encompassing website that has hundreds of quality coloring printables for kids.  Queenie's favorite section is  the wildlife, but "Art by Dan" has also posted several cartoon characters as well.

The wildlife pictures are Queenie's favorite because she also likes to pair the coloring page with a free you-tube wildlife lesson.  (Parents PLEASE view the video prior to inviting your child to watch with you, to make sure it's what you think it is)  For example, after inquiring about a certain animal, Killer and F. Bumble can color the picture, but then see a live-action video on YouTube.  Last week's favorites in our hive: Wolves and Seahorses.  A random coupling to be sure, but the wolves came from, well, 2 boys who were curious.  The seahorse request came because Baby Bee has a seahorse teether, both Killer and F.B. were dieing to know how the seahorse could swim- because they "don't have no wings like fishes".  Queenie even had to admit that the seahorse YouTube videos were amazing.

A free trip to an exotic aquarium, right in our own living room.  Hope you enjoy these wildlife pages as much as we did!  We also hope it will encourage you to possibly use YouTube as a wonderful educational tool!

(to use the coloring page, simple curse over the picture, copy, paste into Word or another software so you are able to enlarge the picture, and then print!  Simple!)

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