Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beeism of the Day

A few days ago, Queenie and the 3 bees made a 100Yen Store (Daiso) trip.  For all you state-side readers, Daiso is the equivalent to an American Dollar Store, only (in Queenie's opinion) MUCH better.  

Upon arriving at Daiso, Queenie found out that they were discontinuing their great line of wooden magnetic trains (similar to the magnetic Thomas the Train line, but only 100Yen- roughly $1.00 a comparison to the much more expensive Thomas line).  F. Bumble and Killer adore them (Daiso trains), and Queenie stocked up with about $12 worth of trains, cabooses, and little wooden accessory houses.  

Meandering back up to the checkout line, Killer spotted a leopard print headband in the accessory department. 

Killer (in absolute rapture): "Look!  Mama!  It's sooooooooooooo beautiful!  It's for girls!"

Queenie (with a smile and slightly raised eyebrows): "Ummm.....yes, Killer- it's for girls.  You like that?"

Killer:  "'s so pretty.  It looks like Pickles!"

F. Bumble: "LOOOOOK!  It's like my Pickles!!!  Soooooo ootifull!"

Now, it must be explained here, that "Pickles" (comes from American English, Freckles) is F. Bumble's pet leopard.  His pet stuffed leopard, that is. In the eyes of the the 2 boy bees, that headband was just the most sophisticated and elegant thing they had ever seen.  They insisted that I purchase it for Baby Bee and I...... 

Queenie smiled at their earnest excitement and thoughtfulness- but cringed, just a tiny bit- because she is not a fan of animal prints like zebra or leopard in the slightest way.  The only exception is a fabulous handmade pony-print bag she bought from a friend a few months back...but THAT animal print is more "Wild West" and less "Wild Jungle", which is a look that Queenie just can't pull off, no matter how hard she tries.  

At any rate, Queenie's knee-jerk reaction didn't last more than 5 seconds- Killer and F. Bumble's sweet excitement at the headband could not be contained, and their request was much too charming to deny.  

Queenie herself was so charmed by their thoughtfulness, she fully expected to sport the headband herself- but couldn't because it was much too small. you readers can see below, Baby Bee was the recipient of a most fashionable headband- courtesy of her two big brothers.  

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Mrs. J said...

She pulls it off just fine!