Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Bee and Baby Spider

Baby Bee just got tucked into bed, all the while she was singing babbling the Itsy Bitsy Spider.   

For some reason, she's positively smitten with that song, and does her utmost best to make her chubby little fingers do the spider walk.  

*so cute!*

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Credit in the Day...

Uptown Nanny I don't trust because I've never met her, can't afford, won't come because the kids are sick,  am too busy to call for the day: $100.00

5 Star Housekeeper I don't want to see my house in its current state, can't get booked, who would be yet another warm body in our already broiling and crowded apartment: $80.00

Ordering KFC delivery because Queenie is exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, craving fried chicken and coleslaw: $18.00

The image of Baby Bee strapped to Queenie's back in a baby carrier while her mommy scrubs a cup of dried sunscreen off the fish tank because Mr. Fumble Bumble was sure that "Beluga the Goldfish" was too hot under his aquarium light: PRICELESS.

Happy 5th Birthday to Killer!

It's a bittersweet birthday for Killer.  His Papa is traveling and is unable to be here to celebrate with everybody this year.  Nevertheless,  Queenie is doing her best to make wonderful memories for the little boy bee. 

She is buzzing with joy because, this year- for the very first time- she can write Killer a note that he will see in the morning....a note that says:

"Happy Birthday, Killer! (well, she didn't write Killer)
I love you.

And he will read it ALL by himself and know that his Mommy loves  him sooooooooooo much.