Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happenings from the Hive

Well, DH isn't going to be around our cozy (if only because of it's occupants) hive much in the near future, due to an all-encompassing situation we like to call The United States Marine Corps.  It's me and the 3 bees for a while.

So far, we've done alright- not counting the Ergo baby carrier strap lost in the MCX  (*gasp* Queenie's extra appendage isn't functioning!!!), Killer and F.Bumbles' constant need to compete and sting at each other, or the way our grocery bill just seems to get higher and higher. (Can I get a witness?!)

At any rate, the Lord is good to us, and I am thankful that the constant runny noses due to F.Bumble AND Baby Bee teething at the same time seem to finally, after almost 3 entire weeks, be drying up..........albeit it slowly.  Runny noses don't sound serious....but being up every 30 minutes all night with one or the other of them due to tender gums and crankiness (for 3 weeks!!!) is a bit much for any Mama Bee!  Thankfully, all 3 bees slumbered soundly through the night last night.

Simple things......bring Queenie much joy!

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Anonymous said...

As I read your "ramblings" I am reminded that you are a great mom!! You are always busy loving your family and enjoy sharing your faith and thoughts with us half way across the world. God Bless you, Queenie!
Mrs. C.