Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Deep and Wide..."

There's an old children's Sunday School song that goes,

"Deep and wide, 
Deep and wide, 
There's a fountain flowing-
Deep and wide....."

It has a catchy tune, and those same lyrics are repeated several times before the end of the song.  It's one of Mr. F.B.'s favorite tunes, and he can be caught, occasionally, milling around the house and humming it while he plays.

A few days ago, much to Queenie's delight, it was discovered that Baby Bee had just enough hair to pull up into the cutest little top pig-tail.  The baby hairs sprayed out in the most hilarious way, and upon seeing his little sister all dolled up with her new hair-do, F.B. exclaimed:

"LOOK, MAMA!  She has a deep and wide!" 

Queenie expects that was his little way of trying to say her tiny pigtail looked just like a fountain.  She definitely agrees.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Killer the Bee visits the Farm

Killer the Bee visited a farm- a farm in his imagination, that is. 

Today, Queenie was stuck in the hive with a 4 year old who sported a tummy ache, slight fever, and stuffy nose.  She used Adobe PhotoShop in an attempt to bring a smile to his cranky little bee face....the results were successful!  Killer laughed out loud 
when he saw himself smack dab in the middle of his own drawing. *smile*

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Episode 2: Summer Pre-K/Kindergarten Fun- Buzzing to a Beat

 It seems that Queenie is daily astonished at the amount of incredible and completely free resources available on the internet- some of which are absolutely perfect in accessorizing a preschool/kindergarten home school education!  Killer and Fumble Bumble are learning piano with their mommy, and since they are both very visual and hands-on learners, Queenie was scrounging around looking for examples to show them of children practicing and performing on various instruments- so that they could see what a "real" musician is like.  One of the resources she found is from PBS, and is astonishingly thankfully available using our Japanese internet connection!  We hope you, dear readers, appreciate a little music culture with your breakfast tea, coffee, juice, milk  nectar as well!

 From the Top at Carnegie Hall

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. Fumble Bumble's Birthday

Mr. Fumble Bumble, no longer a toddling two year old.....this past week he turned THREE!  Queenie and the entire bee family were so blessed to see many friends at his recent "Firefighter Party"- and Queenie was tremendously blessed that a few friends grabbed cameras and caught some precious shots.

Queenie also hopes you readers enjoy the pictures below- happily,  her first attempt with "felt crafting for kids" (the fire vests pictured below) was apparently a success.  Mr. Fumble Bumble had a tremendous time climbing and rolling around with the other kiddie-firefighters.  Thank you to Heidi, Ashley, and Rachel for capturing these darling moments while Queenie was otherwise occupied! 

Mr. Fumble Bumble himself, blowing out the candle for his 3rd year...

"Pin the tail on the dalmatian, anyone?"

The Fastest Firewoman Ever!

Move over, Smoky the Bear....Firefighting may have two new mascots!

F.B.'s brother, Killer the Bee, rescuing something from atop...a perilous bridge, perhaps?