Saturday, January 2, 2010

First helping from the honey jar

Solitude- it's so peaceful, and I savor it, sitting here in my not-usually quiet military-issue apartment. All three children sleeping cozily in their beds.....well, truthfully, not beds- Baby Bee is slumbering in her pack and play (no room for a crib in here!), Killer is tucked into his makeshift trundle under the IKEA toddler bunk we brought over from the States....F.B. is sleeping in the aforementioned bunk, with the ladder turned snugly to the wall- quite a cozy little nest. Children are never so beautiful as when they are sleeping soundly, after a long day of adventures....or misadventures, for that matter! (it's been misadventures for F.B. as of late, cue the ladder flush against the wall)  Baby Bee is teething- nothing that the almighty Tylenol can't handle, though. As much as I appreciate the old-fashioned remedies of the pioneers, I am thankful to God that we have moved on past the "shot of rum in the bottle" remedy of soothing a cranky infant!  (or is that "shot of whiskey" in the bottle?)

Many thanks to you, O Faithful Readers, (who, although I love them dearly, I am hoping are not just my mother and sisters!)  for visiting my newly built, hopefully surviving, hive of a blog.  : ) (Okay, I've facebooked too long.  It was impossible for me to get through two paragraphs without typing a keyboard smilie.  I can't help it!  I'm smiling!)

I'm exhausted, and we have a huge day tomorrow, made huger by the fact that I'm toting all 3 busy bees to church by myself.  Not an unusual occurance, it just takes plenty of scouting, gathering, and structuring to make it out that front door on time in the morning.  And that's if everything goes like it's meant to- I must leave 15 or so minutes leeway in case F.B. decides he'd like to make another tunnel on the inner legs of his clean pants (too much juice at breakfast?), Killer thinks giving a private concert on mom's piano for the entire midrise floor would be a good idea, or Baby Bee wants to choose that exact moment- that pivotal moment when the whole happy bumble bee family is opening the front door- to projectile her morning snack all over Queenie's pinafore.  Not exactly, but pretty close.  Minus the pinafore.


Roo and Wren's Mama said...

Hi Mama Bee! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I look forward to reading more of your happy family adventures. :)

Gail Blair said...

So fun reading about your adorable little family...keep posting lots of picturs, those kids are too cute for anyone to miss!
Love you and Miss you,