Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beeisms from Mr. F.B.- as a brand new FOUR year old

On any given day, Mr. FB is known to spout philisophical musings- about which, it is highly probable, NO other human on the planet Earth has ever dreamed about.

"Mommy!  I just figured something out- Spider Man ALWAYS says "I love you....right before he kills the bad guy!" 

 Queenie.  had. no. words.  

ANOTHER SAGA....continues below

The other day, Queenie's DH unfortunately had a bad accident while out on his early (read: still dark) morning run.  He limped home for the last mile, and immediately requested that Queenie pack up the little bees and buzz (quickly!) to the ER.  The waiting room visit for Queenie and the 3 little bees drifted into its second hour......and Mr. FB dutifully broke the monotony by intoning,

"MOMMY!  I know why it's taking so long!  When they take the x-ray, the pictures of Papa's bones...., they have to cut his leg off first so they can fit it into the machine.  That's why we are waiting such a long time!"

Perhaps the glimpse of an elderly amputee sitting at the entrance of the hospital in a wheelchair on our way into the waiting room had a tiny little something to do with his outburst......but he stated it so matter-of-factly, and was not above asking Queenie to please request copies of those pictures. (of the bones) for his (and Killer's) future viewing.


Lisa Jacobson said...

Good enough to pass on! :)

S.M.I.T. (Super Mom In Training) said...
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S.M.I.T. (Super Mom In Training) said...

Love it! How in the world could they fit Papa into the machine without cutting off his leg first??? That's just the most logical way to fix him ;)

BTW, I have an actual x-ray scan of baby's head from when he fell if they want to see what a skull looks like. I would be happy to share for education purposes :)