Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Even the Shepherds were pretty.....

Girlie Bee has a thing for chap stick.  As in, needing to apply it ALL the time.  Her favorite one is pink and tastes like strawberries.  She dug it out of a bathroom drawer this morning, and was prancing around putting on her "Mmmmmm"........

Well, after 10 minutes of this, I got nervous (was busy helping Mr. F.B. with his school) and started thinking about strawberry wax and oil on everything.  
So, I asked her to go put it away and then come and play with the Nativity set we have that's just for the kiddos.  

Well........after lunch Killer brought a few of the figurines from the Nativity set over.  They were covered in a bring pink substance.....their faces, that is.  

I said, "Did Girlie get at those with a marker?"  

Killer: " No, this stuff is sticky!!!"  

Me: "Uh Oh...."  

Apparently, Girlie Bee didn't actually put the chap stick away.  She decided to combine the two pastimes- and even made the shepherds pretty. 

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Zoe said...

oh my! I have resorted to letting my small girls apply chapstick in church to keep them quiet and busy during sermons... :)