Friday, August 26, 2011



Thunder is actually MUCH bigger than his "First Day with the Bee Family" picture seen here- but growing Thunder pictures will come sometime soon.  Queenie didn't realize she'd neglected putting one of his itty bitty puppy pics up here!  Below, see Baby Bee and Thunder (In our new living room!), a full-blood Great Pyrenees, also known as Pyrenean Mountain Dog.....he is a wonderful guardian dog already!  (Not LGD...."livestock guardian dog"....more like CGD, "Children's Guardian Dog")

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beeisms from Mr. F.B.- as a brand new FOUR year old

On any given day, Mr. FB is known to spout philisophical musings- about which, it is highly probable, NO other human on the planet Earth has ever dreamed about.

"Mommy!  I just figured something out- Spider Man ALWAYS says "I love you....right before he kills the bad guy!" 

 Queenie.  had. no. words.  

ANOTHER SAGA....continues below

The other day, Queenie's DH unfortunately had a bad accident while out on his early (read: still dark) morning run.  He limped home for the last mile, and immediately requested that Queenie pack up the little bees and buzz (quickly!) to the ER.  The waiting room visit for Queenie and the 3 little bees drifted into its second hour......and Mr. FB dutifully broke the monotony by intoning,

"MOMMY!  I know why it's taking so long!  When they take the x-ray, the pictures of Papa's bones...., they have to cut his leg off first so they can fit it into the machine.  That's why we are waiting such a long time!"

Perhaps the glimpse of an elderly amputee sitting at the entrance of the hospital in a wheelchair on our way into the waiting room had a tiny little something to do with his outburst......but he stated it so matter-of-factly, and was not above asking Queenie to please request copies of those pictures. (of the bones) for his (and Killer's) future viewing.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Wandering Part II

As Queenie logged into the "Juice" blog and pushed the "new post" button, she was hit with a sense of gravity and awe at all that has transpired- the blessings and surprises; the hard times and prayers answered- all within the last five, yes five months!

No single blog post alone could possibly encompass everything the Bee family has been doing, but hopefully you dear readers (if you are indeed still buzzing around somewhere out in this big, crazy world) will enjoy these few glimpses into the Bee family since March.

 While DH was away at recruiting training in San Diego, Queenie and the 3 Bees stayed busy and happy at the wonderful home of The Jacobsons, Queenie's family!

 One of the most fun events was a re-enactment of The Battle of the Alamo at the historic site! Baby Bee here with her Grandpapa.....and sporting a Yellow Rose of Texas.

Killer and Mr. F.B. were awed and inspired in the presence of the actual Davy Crockett rifle....

 Back at Wild Rose (the Jacobson's homestead) Baby Bee works on her "happy heart" for a photo shoot with Mommy.

Queenie, her mom, little bro Natey and all 3 little bees took a fun day trip to nearby Lyndon B. Johnson state park.....all the kiddos had so much fun playing in the vast fields that we were too late to really see many animals, but we snatched a "pretend" ride in the wagon!

The Bees were so thrilled to meet their Great-Grandpa Carl when he visited Wild Rose during his birthday.....Queenie and her folks even serenaded him with a birthday ballad for the occasion- Queenie wants it to be publicly known that she is NOT above using a bass-string made from an old WWII water can. She found it quite enjoyable.
The joyful days at Wild Rose eventually came to an end, and the Bee family headed out to San Antonio for more recruiting training for DH....and fun day trips for Queenie and the little bees.

Oh, and BY THE WAY! What a beautiful mini-van DH got for the Japanese "lunchbox" by a mile!  Although, Queenie is sure she appreciates this one more because of the years spent bumping three inches above the road in the green box.  

Classic Car Museum staff is sure persnickety about antique toy cars.  A girl can't help but love this beauty of a ride!  Baby Bee was a bit naughty and tried to sneak a ride....after all, it's a toy!  Queenie was quite embarrassed but could hardly blame the child.

need some Buddy Holly background music here.

hmmmm.......perhaps a ride for another Bee family once upon a time?!

Mr. F.B. and his mommy...... enjoying a dinner out with DH and the fam before the craziness of recruiting sets in...

Exotic Animal Farm- Queenie braved this place by herself with all 3 bees.....Killer was in his proverbial heaven.