Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beeism of the Day (Killer and his Pleasantries)

Queenie's little guy, Killer the Bee is 4 1/2, now.  He is coming into his own, personality-wise, and it is quite humorous to watch.

A day or two ago, Queenie's hubby was getting ready to head out the door to work.  Sitting on the piano bench near the door while lacing up his boots, he asked about his giant mug of coffee.  Queenie was preparing the coffee in the adjoining kitchen, when she heard Killer walk into the living room.  Standing as straight and tall and trying to appear as mature as his 4 1/2 self can possibly appear, Killer said in a deep and serious voice:

"Goodbye, Papa.  I hope you have a looooong day!"

It took every fiber of Queenie's little insect being to not double over with laughter at this point.  Killer was trying his best to wish his Papa a nice and pleasant day.

Queenie guesses that in Killer's mind, when at the conclusion of a very full, busy, and stressful day she sighs,

 "Whew!  What a long day!"

Killer Bee assumes Queenie is using the word long to substitute marvelous, wonderful

Awwww.....the things little bees enjoy- maybe Queenie will see her next long day as marvelous, wonderful.

I hope you, dear readers, have an extremely long day!  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When in Japan....

One knows they are not residing in the United States when they plead to the family before dinner,

"Please say nice things tonight, no mean words.  It's a special dinner, please don't ruin it- we're having a big, fresh, crispy salad!"  (when compared to the normal fare which is an assortment of steamed or sauteed veggies, purchased at a lower price)

and emotions involved with the above quote are synonymous with:

"Only peace and joy this evening, fellow diners.....might I trouble you to pass the champagne?" 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joy in Simplicity...

The below paragraphs were taken from a recent Facebook status that Queenie merely wanted included in her blog- mostly due to the fact that she counts her blog as a journal that is never written.
(Queenie)... is blessed...true, I am not utterly thrilled with our current housing or location, have learned to appreciate the simple things- like a working washer and dryer, food in the fridge, and safety; 
my children are constantly sick (mostly due to the above circumstances) and sometimes it feels like I am missing out on life- but I have been gradually drawn to the fact that it is the smallest things that mean the most in my life- like the look of pure rapture on my son's face when his turtle actually acts like he's listening to him. 
 I never get much time with my husband- but on the other hand, is it possible to get enough time with the person who is your life's breath? I think not, and have come to the conclusion that the amount of time spent together will always leave me longing for more- I cherish each moment of fleeting joy with my children, and I relish each laugh and light hearted moment I am blessed to occasionally share with my husband.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bee's Knees

Queenie has dozens, if not hundreds, of some of the most delightful childhood memories with the vintage show, "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"- the antics of Lady Elaine, King Friday, and the many factory/museum outings will forever be warm fuzzies in her memory.

Now, at long last, everyone can view full-length (26) episodes of this excellent children's show online.....for free! 

Finding this just started Queenie's week off on the right foot.  Or insect leg. 

Either way- exciting news for the Land of Make Believe!

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood