Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joy in Simplicity...

The below paragraphs were taken from a recent Facebook status that Queenie merely wanted included in her blog- mostly due to the fact that she counts her blog as a journal that is never written.
(Queenie)... is blessed...true, I am not utterly thrilled with our current housing or location, have learned to appreciate the simple things- like a working washer and dryer, food in the fridge, and safety; 
my children are constantly sick (mostly due to the above circumstances) and sometimes it feels like I am missing out on life- but I have been gradually drawn to the fact that it is the smallest things that mean the most in my life- like the look of pure rapture on my son's face when his turtle actually acts like he's listening to him. 
 I never get much time with my husband- but on the other hand, is it possible to get enough time with the person who is your life's breath? I think not, and have come to the conclusion that the amount of time spent together will always leave me longing for more- I cherish each moment of fleeting joy with my children, and I relish each laugh and light hearted moment I am blessed to occasionally share with my husband.

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Mom said...

You are a mother's dream. I love you Dear. I love that you adore your man and cherish your little ones.