Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Deep and Wide..."

There's an old children's Sunday School song that goes,

"Deep and wide, 
Deep and wide, 
There's a fountain flowing-
Deep and wide....."

It has a catchy tune, and those same lyrics are repeated several times before the end of the song.  It's one of Mr. F.B.'s favorite tunes, and he can be caught, occasionally, milling around the house and humming it while he plays.

A few days ago, much to Queenie's delight, it was discovered that Baby Bee had just enough hair to pull up into the cutest little top pig-tail.  The baby hairs sprayed out in the most hilarious way, and upon seeing his little sister all dolled up with her new hair-do, F.B. exclaimed:

"LOOK, MAMA!  She has a deep and wide!" 

Queenie expects that was his little way of trying to say her tiny pigtail looked just like a fountain.  She definitely agrees.


Lisa said...

Looks very much like her mama did about 25 years ago! Then, we said it made you look like a 'Wocket In My Pocket'.

Kelly Polizzi said...

oh how adorable is she!

thank you for the follow, i am following you too! To make the winnie the pooh sammie, i just used a cutter to cut out cheddar cheese and laid it on a sandwich cut out with a round cookie cutter. You can find them on ebay, which is where i got mine. It's pretty neat because it cuts and stamps at the same time.

Have a great weekend.
wow you live in japan! how cool.