Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rainy March

It's been raining on Queenie and the 3 Bees....again and again and again and again (exactly how Killer and F.B. describe it) This coming Sunday is Easter (or Resurrection Sunday, for Christians), the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus.  It's important to Queenie and DH that the little buzzing bees learn that this coming Sunday holds as much (if not more!) significance as Christmas Day, which is celebrated with much enthusiasm in this little hive.  

In preparation for this special holiday, Queenie ordered two Easter coloring books- a 2-5 year old one for Mr. Fumble Bumble, and a 5-8 year old one for Killer. Each book tells the story of Palm Sunday, The Crucifixion, and the Resurrection in a way that is completely appropriate for small children. has hundreds of inexpensive, but doctrinally sound, options for teaching children the significance of certain Christian holidays.  For story time each night, we've been reading the coloring books....which might seem odd to you, dear readers, but Queenie realized that the story was well-written for this age group.  Also, it is special to the bees because they can recall the story as they color each particular page.  

In addition to the special Easter coloring books, and because it just won't stop raining, Queenie helped F.B. and Killer make little bunnies to celebrate Spring.  Now, Queenie realizes that bunnies have absolutely nothing to do with Resurrection Sunday, so we've been calling them our "Spring Bunnies". Little Baby Bee even had one made especially for her, with long knotted ears just right for grabbing and chewing.  (Baby Bee's 4th and 5th teeth are popping out, and she is chewing everything in sight!) 

The bees here just thought you readers might enjoy seeing the projects we've been working on- the little baskets with bunnies and cookies were made by this bee hive's occupants to share some Spring joy and sunshine with several special friends also stationed here on our base.  All the bees hope that you, dearest readers, enjoy the following snapshots that add some visual detail to the last few days' happenings.


Killer the Bee and Mr. Fumble Bumble work with needles and thread for the first time....the results were quite humorous, but at least it gave Queenie a few minutes to cut out the actual fabric for the bunnies! 

The Boy Bees stuff their individual bunnies while listening- Queenie promises this was not staged- to their Playskool Mp3 players with, what else, but their vintage stories!  (see previous post, The Bees Knees)

Baby Bee plays with her finished bunny

Killer and F.B. do some "baking" of their own...(continued below)

Baby Bee joins in the pretend baking fun...

Queenie's late-night (as in, started at 10PM) batch of "Orange Spring Cookies", which was really a gigantic batch of the world's most awesome sugar cookies with orange extract instead of almond extract! 

Straight out of the oven....(around 11PM)

Spring-themed lovelies

Queenie is wishing there were 40 hours to every day so she could have made more bunnies to share!  Unfortunately, she was able to complete enough to fill 8 baskets....maybe next year, she'll start working on them earlier! 

Nevertheless, the bees were excited to share a little sunny bunny joy.

If you, dear readers, are wanting to sew up a few of your own little darlings, the pattern is found here: Revoluzzza


The Goodwin's said...

I can't sew...but I can bake!! ;) I want that recipe for those cookies!! They were sooo yummy!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It's sweet to see all the hard work that went into these sweet little baskets!! Such a loving family you have!!!

Roo and Wren's Mama said...

You are so creative! (and have so much energy! I can't imagine starting a major baking project so late at night)
The pic of your sweet girl in her bonnet and booties is just precious! She is growing up so fast. Miss you guys!

koi~mama said...

so cute! you should teach me how to make things like this sometime!! I have no clue how to sew anything!!