Monday, November 15, 2010

Killer the Bee Lurns to Spel

In the main bathroom of the apartment, Queenie has placed two bottles: one of hand sanitizer, and one of a fun "Kan-Do" soap that foams up bright green and is nice and easy for tots.  

Mr. Fumble Bumble likes to push the boundaries and always attempts to use the clear bottle of hand sanitizer instead of the kiddie soap that Queenie bought for him- the only reason being that the hand sanitizer is the bottle that is off limits.  (besides being almost completely alcohol- which poses problems in itself for a 3 year old, it's also a rarity around our overseas base where the store may or may not have it in stock when you need it!) 

Queenie is constantly repeating herself by telling him: 

"F.B.!  PLEASE use the fun green soap!  That other one is for Mama's and Papa's"  

Queenie's DH was washing his hands the other day and afterward presented Queenie with the bottle of hand sanitizer, upon which a black sharpie had phonetically scrawled (compliments of F.B.'s brother, Killer):



Queenie and her DH must have laughed for half an hour.  Killer not only took it upon himself to label the bottle of hand sanitizer, but had assumed that his three year old brother could actually read it as well. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Killer the Bee Masters the Engrish Language

Well, it's needless to say life in Japan is unique, amazing, and baffling at the same time.

Queenie finds herself and her little hive of busy bees constantly walking a narrow line of hanging onto American traditions, unwittingly absorbing parts of the Japanese culture, and even trying to instill some Mexican (Queenie's Marine hubby hails from a Mexican town right on the Mexican/American border in Baja) accents into their daily lives.

Even though dear hubby speaks Spanish on a routine basis with the kids, Killer the Bee seems reluctant (and even sometimes confused), because to him, all things "Non-American" are "Japanese", not "Spanish or Mexican".  The only reason for this is because that is what he's exposed to, on a 24/7 basis....the Japanese way of things, grocery stores, elderly folk, flower shops, etc..

At any rate, he was counting the trucks on the expressway (Japanese "inter-state highway")....when he shouted out,

"MAMA!  Look, there are Eareven of them."

Not eleven, mind you.  Eareven.  Queenie howled and hooted with laughter all the way to the next exit.

Her 5 year old, American-Mexican son had just spoken fluent Engrish.

Mr. FB's Plans for the Future

During a recent restaurant family dinner, Mr. Fumble Bumble (age: 3) was asked what he would like to do when he grows up....

Mr. FB: "Hmmmmm....well, I would really like to be a Maween.  Yes, I am gonna be a Maween who fights bad cows.  Those bad cows will be dead."

Queenie: "Awww, that's funny. Bad cows. hahahaha. A Marine like Papa.  So cute."

Mr. FB: "No.  It's not funny.  It's see-wius."

Queenie: "Serious?  Really?"

Mr. FB: "Yes!  It WOULD be see-wius.  It be see-wius for those cows!"