Monday, March 15, 2010

Simply......The Bee's Knees

Queenie simply had to let you dahling (sic) readers know about the swell sight, Kiddie Records Weekly. A few technically-savvy individuals have compiled a collection of hundreds of vintage kid-friendly LP records.  The best part about it is- they have had the kindness to convert ALL of them to MP3, for our (and our kids') modern listening pleasure! 

Queenie is brimming with excitement about this find, and has already uploaded 4 hand-picked stories for her sons' indestructible Playskool MP3 players.  Killer has been listening to his somewhat obsessively.  

I have done extensive flying around this sight, and have discovered just a few glitches that you might appreciate knowing about before hand, to make your listening experience as pleasant as possible.  

Hints by Year: 

2005- the easiest way to listen to these is streaming from your computer.  After clicking on the individual story, stream it by clicking on the separate parts in the "Download Option A".  Downloading may be possible, but it is a different format than MP3, and Queenie found that the boy bees didn't mind listening right by the computer anyways. Clicking on "Audio Stream" doesn't work.

2006- Same as above, stream the story by clicking on the individual parts under "Download Option A".  
2007- Exactly the same as 2005&2006

2008- the beloved authors of this sight took a break.  Queenie can't blame them- what a huge collection they have shared!

2009- Whoohoo!  They're back again, and better than ever.  This year makes MP3 downloading a snap.  To listen & download, simply click on the story you would like, and then click on "download image and audio files" at the bottom.  This will most likely save the file(s) in your computer's "downloads" folder.  Cut and past from there into the file of your choice, to keep them accessible and organized for you. The funny thing is, streaming is difficult for this year!  

In case you readers are the least bit curious, the first stories we uploaded were: 

1. Jimmy Stewart narrates "Winnie the Pooh and Tigger" 
2. Johnny Appleseed
3. Tex Ritter Sings Sunday School Songs 
4. Bible Stories for Children

The boy bees have also enjoyed several stories (mainly Rob Roy, which is the story of a Scottish hero- similar to Braveheart; and also Bugs Bunny Storyland, which pretty much describes itself. These are both found in the year 2005)

If you have ANY questions, please contact Queenie.  The authors are completely unreachable, as there is no contact address on the site.  They are quite the mysterious benefactors!  

Please, dear readers, humor Queenie and the Bees with updates about your latest listening adventure!  She would love to hear what your own little munchkin's latest (television-free!) favorite is.

Later, gators............ and Happy Listening!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beeism of the Day

"...for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart." (Luke 6:45b) 

Queenie is fond of asking Killer and F.B. lots of questions.  Since they are only 2 and 4 years old, it tends to be more in the form of, "Which one would you pick?" or "What's your favorite?"  The favorite question gets asked pretty often, because both the boys LOVE to answer it, and Queenie has seen they really enjoy discovering another tiny portion of their identities.

This evening, Queenie asked Killer what his favorite character from the movie "Cars" is... Killer's answer was surprising, and was given quite a bit of thought before he told her!  The question was actually asked while Queenie was brushing his teeth, so the pause was probably the bubbles' fault!  At any rate, Killer's answer was: The Firetruck.  Not Lightning McQueen, Sheriff, Doc, or even Tex Dinoco (much to Queenie's relief!).

She was pleasantly surprised that Killer had chosen what can only be described as a minor character.  "Red", the firetruck, can usually be found gardening, cleaning, and tending things around Radiator Springs.  He's pretty gentle (another surprising irony, giving that it was Killer choosing him!), and Red really empathizes with all the residents of the town.

Hmmmmm........  maybe Killer's catching onto this whole "you've got to show kindness and gentleness to others" thing.  Sometimes, God shows us teeny, tiny victories in the most surprising and seemingly random ways- and you have to make sure you are watching!